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  • Exterior of bamboo wood floor is natural pure and fresh, unity and coherence in writing is moistureproof and exquisite and fluent, water-vapor proof corrosion protection and tenacity are strong, bouncy wait for;how much labor to replace deck boards Japan at the same time, its surface is solid be like,degree can be planted with the common capable person in wooden floor cherry wood, Ju wood rival. On the other hand, because material of this floor core used lumber to make raw material, reason its stability is admirable, strong and durable, the foot has felt, style is harmonious, sound insulation performance is good, and wintry warm summer is cool, apply to the environment that occupy the home and sports public place of entertainment to wait especially indoor decorate. From healthy angle character, compound floor suits bamboo wood especially in the city aged crowd and infant,forest non distorting fence panels and the effect that also has protective buffer to sporting crowd. Like by consumer, in that case, price of b...  ...  more
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  • homogenization of competition more continuation. The third is the profit getting smaller and smaller, more and more vicious competition. The fourth is solid wood, composite protrusions, two more prominent. Fifth, more and more profitable competitors, in the channel on the main anti-off. Manufacturers investment,
    reporting rate is getting lower and lower. At present, many manufacturers, the competitors can not control. Sixth, advertising warfare, operational warfare, product warfare, all the war. Market competition into the white-hot. Seventh, we face a new competitor, is the high-end tiles brand. Why am I talking about this?
    Most of our business only to see the floor competition, in fact, a lot of high-end tiles in the brand has grabbed a large number of floor share. Eighth is a new round of brand warfare, technical warfare, service warfare, raw materials war to form a new round of the system. This is the new direction of competition in 2007.
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  • 1. Let the hips as close as possible to the rear of the chair It...  more
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