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  • Today the Cavaliers will play against the Raptors in the Eastern Conference semifinals. LeBron - James 4 hours ahead of the speed to the stadium, before the game he said no fear of the Raptors any evolutions.

    As in the G1 fiasco, there are rumors that the Raptors or in the G2 evolutions, trying to lower the height and speed up. "No matter how the opponent, I have been ready," James said, "Our big lineup, a small lineup, 4 forward + 1 point guard, or double tower lineup, are ready. Come, no matter how the opponent changes,If you want to get more Cheap NBA Live Coins from lolga. I think we are all ready.
    Since the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals lost to the Celtics, James has never lost in the East had a whole series. Since returning to Cleveland in 2014, James in the playoffs face the eastern team's record is 29 wins and 4 losses.
    James said he was not surprised.
    "I've been in the league for 14 years, for 12 consecutive years in the playoffs, and I've gone through too much and is an experienced player," James said. "It's not my hardest moment, To the stadium, you need to do everything ready, and
    strive to win the game.
    Today's game, the thumb of the injured JR-Smith is likely to play.
    East another 1 semi-finals, the Green Army is currently the total score of 2-0 leading Wizards. G2 Isaiah - Thomas's performance is incredible, he got the playoff career personal highest 53 points.
    James highly praised the little assassin, "he is very, very special, is a special guy," James said, "he has a special talent. Yesterday was his sister's birthday, I believe she looked at Isaiah (Thomas) Give him extra power, so yesterday 's game, he can not be tired, I saw the game, my sister gave him extra motivation.