Prodigy change mortal only one strokes

  • Hedi La accumulated yellow card suspension, Allegri flag a wave, Juventus resorted to more than two months useless 343 formation, re-assembly of the defense line BBC days together with the old captain Buffon, smooth on the road zero closed four knockout Frenzy of 12 balls of the French whirlwind, but also to the world giants out of a difficult problem: how to enter a ball Juventus

    Until the game before, even the local media in Turin with the team reporter, are identified Juventus campaign will be 4231 array to visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins , the only change will be replaced by Marcusio cumulative yellow card suspension Hedi La. But the first light up, Juventus lineup was gone to the Quartrado, replaced by Balzar Li, is really Alves forward, Balzarley kick the right gate? wrong! Most of the time of the campaign, Juventus played in 2017 only used twice the 3 guard formation.
    Balzarley guarding the right line stare at the prodigy Muba Pei, Monaco genius rare several wonderful performance, but also 35-year-old Babe's personal markings, virtually resolved.
    Into 2017 after the use of the 4231 Juventus basically did not use the 3-guard in the opening, starting with three guards on the two games, respectively, in January the league away against Florence (that game Juventus 1 to 2 defeat Fran Base course), and then the Italian Cup semi-final first leg home to Naples (that field is 343). The field back to 3 back, Allegri made after the game explained: "Hedi pull yellow card can not debut, Monaco is good at counterattack the team, I need someone to complete the manning task, need Barzale This is a good player for the header. "
     BBC defensive shield * Alves, Sandro, Juventus put 550 formation, despite the last moment of Monaco came out of Falcao, Mbabei Jia Herman attack Trident, can not knock on their own home The Bianconeri goal. Year nearly ten thousand days to complete the Champions League 621 minutes do not lose the ball, the old woman Champions League knockout for five consecutive war zero, really enough to make the European giants feel desperate.囧 uncle and his disciples with practical action to put a world-class puzzle: how to enter Juventus a ball? Do not know the Champions League this season, whether the team can unlock this question, the turn of the guests of Turin Monaco? Or the final waiting for the old woman's Madrid giants?