Can be re-engraved 05 generals miracle

  • NBA playoff fights two games, including Washington Wizards home to 116-89 beat the Boston Celtics, the total score to 1-2. Since the name changed to the Washington Wizards, the Wizards only once played a total score of 1-2 behind the miracle, but this is already 12 years ago.

    Since the change to the Washington Wizards, the Wizards before a total of 6 times into the playoffs, including four times in the playoff series 1-2 backward situation, (get more Cheap NBA Live Coins from lolga) which the Wizards last three times all eliminated, only the first time Encounter the total score 1-2 is a smooth promotion of the next round.

    In the first round of the 2005 playoffs, the Wizards met the Chicago Bulls' resistance. At that time the Wizards are also in the Bulls home to lose two games, but back to their home after the first win, then the Wizards to find the game feeling, they winning streak 3 games, the final 4-2 out of the Bulls , To advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

    But since 2005, the Wizards will not have the good luck before, they have three times in the playoffs before the three games to 1-2 behind, the three wizards are eliminated. The last time was 2014, the same semi-final, when the Wizards rival is the Indiana Pacers.

    Wizards first war to 102-96 win, but after the three series, the Wizards all backward, although the Wizards away again defeated the Pacers will be dragged to the first six games, but the Wizards eventually missed the Eastern Conference finals.

    All in all, the Wizards in the playoffs in the total score 1-2 behind the unfavorable situation, the final success of the probability of only 25%, and the only successful experience is already 12 years ago, when the Wizards or "generals "The days of Arenas.

    In addition there is a data that must be noticed. The Celtics playoff team in the history of the total score of 2-0 lead a total of 34 times, which "Celtics" final promotion probability reached 100%. The last time the Celtics series to start 2 -0 lead or the 2011 playoffs, when the Celtics face the Knicks in the first round of the final 4-0 swept the opponent. In other words, the Wizards are still more fortunate, and the Celtics are obviously stable.