Home advantage into the key to the promotion

  • NBA Eastern Conference semifinals continue, Washington Wizards at home to 121-102 victory over the Celtics, the big championship into a 2-2 level. After the game, this group of the eastern semi-finals of the promotion situation has become more stalemate.

    The two teams in the regular season during the four encounters, are won their own two home battle into 2-2 level, and in the series before the four games, the two teams are also once again hold their own Of the home, so in this group of Eastern semi-final duel, the home advantage is particularly important, and this is the Celtics in this series of race to dominate the biggest reason (click Buy NBA 2K18 MT, if they can continue to hold their home, then Will eventually win the promotion.

    The Celtics last time in the playoffs 2-2 level of the situation is really last season, when they were in the case of 2-2 draw with the eagle, the final winners to win two with a large score 2-4 was Out, but then they did not have the home advantage, and now they regain the home advantage, so the situation is very beneficial to them. More importantly, in the 7 wins and 4 wins in the playoff system, the Celtics a total of 9 times 2-2 draw with the situation, their final series record of 6 wins and 3 losses, which makes them in the psychological Also has a greater advantage.

    And the Wizards last series 2-2 level opponents are also eagles, the 2015 playoffs in the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Wizards in the case of 2-2, the final was also eliminated by the Hawks 4-2, they also have no home advantage , And this year's situation is very similar. But slightly different is that the Wizards are two games are victory, their current momentum is Sheng, the face of Celtic is too dependent on the situation of small Thomas, the Wizards seem to have found a way to deal with.

    Therefore, this series of series is likely to continue to stalemate, the Celtics home advantage may be their final victory to win the key.