Winter window to buy a single field

  • Premier League League 9 strike, I believe that no experts can predict the current points ranking, the past few seasons are poor start Arsenal 7 wins and 1 draws a negative 22 points lead, and the season known as the popular Of the Manchester City Hutch a row in the seventh, one ranked eighth. Fleet Street that the reason why there is such a strong Arsenal, in addition to the players in good condition, there is 42.5 million pounds to invest in Ozil, which makes Wenger's strength rose; of course, the betting company is not Optimistic about Arsenal won the final championship, as for the reason, that is, compared to Chelsea and Manchester City, Wenger's team lineup is too thin, especially the striker, really can only use Girov, Arsenal want to win the title must be acquired forward.

    British media "insight offside" exclusive news, the acquisition striker has been included in the Wenger winter window signings program, and even now began to negotiate! It is reported that in the Arsene Wenger's inspiration, Arsenal and AC Milan are in contact, secretly talk about the transfer of salad! 20-year-old Salawi can not only Secretary forward, also served as winger, Italy active international, participated in this summer held in Brazil, the Federation Cup, debut in Genoa, the summer of 2011 to join AC Milan. Last season, Sarawak played very well, on behalf of AC Milan in the Serie A played 37 times, scored 16 goals; since the new season, Salawi suffered injuries caused by little scoring, but his break to help AC Milan smooth kill Into the Champions League race (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site

    British media "insight offside" said Arsenal intends to invest £ 25 million to sign the Salawi to strengthen the thin front. In addition to Salawi, Wenger has other goals, the British media "Daily Star" said Arsenal and Liverpool with the eye of the Greek goal machine Kostas - Mitro Gero, worth about 7 million pounds The Mitterrogro 25 years old, the Greek international, currently in Olympiakos effect, last season, the tournament played 42 times scored 20 goals, this season outbreak, 12 games scored 15 goals, also contributed 4 assists , Averaging goals to 1.25, averaging the number of goals to participate in 1.58! In the reserve talent, the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger fancy Kohler Qi - Iraqi Najia Joe.

    British media "Daily Mail" introduction, Yi Haina Ya became famous in this summer U17 World Youth Championship, on behalf of Nigeria played in Mexico game, he staged a senior, a time shocked the world football. After completing the Big Four, Ivanaja told FIFA's official website, "I have tried many times in a game scored four goals, but that is in the time with friends and wild, never In the international competition tried. "It is reported that Arsenal chief scorer Steve - Raleigh watched in the UAE held the U17 World Youth Championship, Ivanaja's performance naturally attracted him. In the group stage, Iijana jiao in addition to scored 4 goals, but also contributed four assists, Arsenal hope to take him to the Premiership.