Manchester United want to renew Degea resistance Huangma hunt


    Deheya transfer Real Madrid news came uproar, but Mourinho is clearly not willing to let go of the Spanish god of the door. According to the British media revealed that in order to prevent La Liga giants poaching, Manchester United plans to renew the contract with Dege, the Spanish door gods salary rose sharply (click Cheap Rocket League Items, he will enter the club top salary players.

    Ferguson in charge of Manchester United, Degea to 18 million pounds to join the old Trafford. Boss, the Spaniard has now grown into the Premiership and even one of the world's top goalkeeper. Real Madrid has been eyeing Degeia, which is already well known. In fact, as early as the summer of 2015, Deheya had infinitely close to join Galaxy warships, only because the transfer window before the closure of the transfer documents submitted to the failure, the transaction eventually declared abortion, the Spaniards also continued to stay Old Trafford and renewed with Manchester United to the summer of 2019.

    However, even so, Real Madrid has never given up the pursuit of Deheya's plan. Earlier, the Spanish media have reported that with the Navas state of a serious decline, Galaxy warships have been unable to wait to introduce a top goalkeeper, and Degea is still their preferred goal. It is reported that Real Madrid even with Deheya negotiated personal treatment, Deheya has also told Manchester United, stand their own this summer to switch to La Liga giants. However, according to the current situation, Manchester United still hope to be able to leave the Spanish god of the door, and to do the best efforts.