Rocket league new toy line

  • A rocket league car toy line seems always unavoidable - now they are almost here.

    Previously announced from the zigzag toy callback car toy will be in North America, retailers such as GameStop goals and "early June" launched, there are more shops to come. Details of the international supply will be published in the "near future". Psyonix originally said they were coming in the spring, so it was a delay.

    The official $ 6 toy named Pull-Back Racers will enter a rocket ball so you will not know what you will get. Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc and Backfire cars are part of this series, as well as four "limited variants". The code can be exchanged in the game to unlock the cold fusion rocket (for more info about Rocket League Items click Buy Rocket League Items lift and the ZT-17 wheel, which can not be provided in any other way and can be unlocked on all platforms.

    "Why do we have to take this huge community that we have built, which is still growing and saying," You are playing now in 12 months is irrelevant, but we want you to stop you and give us money And moved to this other game, "explains Jeremy Dunham of Psyonix. "This is not the right way, I think the game era has passed.