Bryant took the daughter to watch the game

  • Los Angeles Lakers retired star Kobe Bryant - Bryant recently with his second daughter came to Staples Center, watching WNBA defending champion Los Angeles spark team against the Seattle storm team's new season opener, Bryant talked about the game (get more NBA Live Coins from lolga) with her daughter The reason revealed that he wanted her daughter to learn something from the WNBA game, "such as learning the game, understanding the rhythm of the game, how to play in a high level of competition, and learning the spirit of competition."

    Rockets coach D'Antoni and Spurs coach Popovich is the old rival of the playoffs, which is already the fifth time in the series lost to the Spurs. "It's really hurt my heart, they are benchmarking, and we have to climb over a mountain, and every time he beat me, most of the time I got the championship trophy, and I did not know that this year, Kind of thing is not happening, wave to do incredible work.Faced with the Spurs, really need to be mentally prepared, they almost no weakness can be used. "After the 2005 playoff Western Conference finals, the sun 1-4 lost to the Spurs, the Spurs finally defeated the Pistons to win; 2007 playoff Sun 2-4 lost to the Spurs, the finals Spurs beat the Cavaliers to win; 2008 Spurs first round 4-1 win the sun, but the Western Conference finals Spurs lost The Lakers, 13-year playoffs desperate Lakers first round 0-4 lost to the Spurs, the Spurs into the final but lost to the Miami Heat.