"Rocket alliance" exactly where Niubi?

  • As of April 2017, the number of players in the Rockets Alliance has reached 30 million, with about half of the PC's number.

    It can be said that as an independent manufacturer of the original competitive class IP, the game in the past year more than the performance of the same kind of works of the same plant.

    First, the "rocket alliance" is a game that has little risk of auditing.

    This is precisely the factor that is easily overlooked, but it is the most deadly in the world market where the world is still separated by a wall (for more info about Rocket League Items click Rocket League Items. If a game with the audit of this clearance are enough to choke, even Tencent such manufacturers, may not have emboldened to try. Moreover, for Tencent, in the "gaming" and "game platform" two-pronged force stage, and "policy entanglement" is the most need to avoid the situation.

    At the same time, the "rocket alliance" that there is no "risk" picture and play, will also maximize the attracts of different age levels of players.

    Second, the "rocket alliance" to expand the category of Tencent gaming.