Benitez makes the team both offensive and defensive


    When the team Chongchao success later, Newcastle United is full of cheerful atmosphere. In the penultimate round, Newcastle's points were only one point less than the leader Clayton, so the suspense of the title race remained in the final round. On the eve of the war, Newcastle held a meeting with players. In the meeting, the Newcastle team this season, the best striker, the British crown scorer ranked second Gail interview.

    Q: What do you feel when the team is overboard?

    A: When we learned that Chongchao was successful, we were very excited and excited in the locker room. At the same time, we have also focused on the competition for the league championship, which has completed a goal of the team is a good sign, we will work for the next goal, we always seek players and The team's improvement.

    Q: How about this season's fans?

    A: The fans are great, very supportive of us, every field tickets can be sold. So most of our away games are like home games, which is why we can get so many points on the road. Hope this will continue, and we will continue to perform for them.

    Q: How will you play in the Premier League next season?

    A: Obviously all of our players are very excited about the return to the Premiership next season, we are looking forward to. To tell the truth, usually I did not particularly look forward to the game, but the return I have played the Crystal Palace is obviously very wonderful, and back to the Premiership and those big players with the same game will be very wonderful.

    Q: What are your goals next season?

    A: I really did not want any goals, in order to meet the next season's game, I need to focus on their own, ready to prepare for the war (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins. So I will start to prepare, and finally let myself in the pre-season training session to complete the preparation.

    Q: What do you think of Super

    A: obviously there are a lot of capital into the football, so the final level of grassroots training and coaching level will be gradually increased because of investment, so I think this is the development of Chinese football is a good thing. I also hope that we can get more money to help the players and the development of the national team.

    Q: Do you have anything to say about Newcastle fans in China?

    A: Hello, obviously I will not speak a lot of Chinese, but I very much welcome you and hope you enjoy watching our game.