C Lo saturates against the Barcelona winners


    If Barcelona wants to win La Liga, can only hope that the strength of the Celta can beat Real Madrid. Prior to the Spanish media broke the news, said Barcelona has been to the Celta promised a 3 million euros win, I hope Celta can beat Real Madrid. And in the Barcelona reward win the prize was burst soon after the Celta coach publicly said to block Real Madrid, which is undoubtedly very dissatisfied with Real Madrid.

    Although Real Madrid 4-1 beat the Celta, but the game more controversial. The referee finds that Aspas in the restricted area diving, to show him a second yellow card penalty, and soon after C Luo fell in the restricted area, the referee neither penalty penalty, nor sentenced to C Luo diving.

    "World Sports Daily" revealed that when C Luo and Celtic defender Kavlar had a dialogue, C Luo said he did not want to penalty, and his actions and Aspar is not the same. Then C Lo also some ironic said: "You, a lot of money, small suitcase (money)". In addition, C Lo also suspected of money action.

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